I Am the Swing Independent – and Hopefully the Future

So, here I am.  A political junkie without political affiliation, a staunch centrist with a desire to serve but no idea how to get there from here.  I could join a political party, work my way up the ranks, and see how far I can climb . . . but political parties are part of the problem, in my opinion, not the solution.  I’m not a Democrat.  I’m not a Republican.  I’m an American.

If more people thought that way, the political life of this country would run much smoother.  Instead, voters look at politics the way they look at team sports: pick a side, and root like hell for your team to win.  Forgive their flaws, magnify their virtues, and always attack, demonize, and defeat the opposition – while magnifying their flaws and ignoring their virtues.  The politicians, meanwhile, seem to view politics as a career rather than a calling, governing as a means to getting elected rather than getting elected in order to govern.

I’ve had enough of that.  Talking to other people around the country, I’m not the only one.  Hopefully, the swing independents are the wave of the future.  At the very least, it’s time to make some noise.


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